Hanna E. Schneider Refugees Displacement Forced Migration Resettlement Researcher

The Strategic Use of Resettlement: Lessons from the Syria Context

This research explores the Strategic Use of Resettlement, the concept that resettlement programming can be leveraged in strategic ways that can improve not only the lives of resettled refugees, but also refugees and citizens in refugee-hosting countries. However, despite being articulated more than 15 years ago, little evidence exists to demonstrate the extent to which this concept informs resettlement programming and impacting host countries. This research uses the Syrian refugee contexts in Jordan and Lebanon as case studies to explore the Strategic Use of Resettlement, its benefits and potential drawbacks, and provides recommendations for resettlement actors wishing to better understand and implement this concept in their own programming. 

The Strategic Use of Resettlement: Lessons from the Syria Context

Researched and written for the Durable Solutions Platform (Amman, Jordan). Published in April 2020. The full report can be accessed here.

The report is a stock-taking exercise and relies on interviews with key resettlement stakeholders. In doing so, it provides a working model for understanding the Strategic Use of Resettlement and its relevancy in today’s political and operational climates.

Main Findings

At present, it remains to be seen if the Strategic Use of Resettlement can add value to advocacy and protection for vulnerable refugees. While a strong concept on paper, a clear path to its operationalization remains elusive. However, if implemented in a concerted manner, the benefits of the Strategic Use of Resettlement are manifold and could represent life-changing gains for refugees and host communities around the world. Doing so would, however, require a level of financial commitment, long-term planning, and global responsibility sharing currently lacking in a world where states are acting according to increasingly shortsighted national objectives.